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What is a parlay bet? Accurate calculation method in 2024 ✅

Explanation of the term Parlay Betting:

Parlay betting, also known as Mix Parlay or Xâu in Vietnamese, is a combination of different types of bets such as Asian Handicap, European Handicap, and Over/Under. In English, it is referred to as Mix Parlay. In essence, it involves combining various bet types into a single wager. One interesting aspect of parlay betting in football is the potential for high payout ratios, calculated based on the multiplication factor of the number of participants. Participants can potentially earn significant profits without investing a large amount of capital.

However, a drawback of parlay betting is that if you lose, you lose the entire bet. In other words, to receive the parlay bonus, you must tip for win all the individual bets within the parlay. This can be challenging for newcomers to sports betting.

Parlay betting comes in various forms, including 2-leg parlays, 3-leg parlays, 4-leg parlays, and up to 10-leg parlays. Winning all legs in a parlay results in a substantial payout. On the flip side, making a miscalculation in any of the legs leads to a loss of the entire bet.

For example:

  • Betting on Liverpool with a handicap of 2 3/4, odds at 2.05, and a total score of 3.

  • Betting on Chelsea with a handicap of ½, even odds, and a final score of a draw.

  • Betting on Munich with a handicap of ¼, odds at 2.8, and a final score of Munich winning 3-0.

If all three matches end as predicted, you win the parlay and receive a significant payout. Conversely, if the outcome of any of the three matches deviates from the football predictions 100 %, you lose the entire parlay bet.

The simplest and most understandable parlay betting rules

What is parlay betting? How are the rules for parlay betting? Rest assured, the rules are straightforward and clearly defined as follows:

Players are allowed to place bets on various types simultaneously, such as European Handicap, Asian Handicap, and Over/Under.

In parlay betting, you must wager on a minimum of two matches. The odds for the bets will be publicly listed by the bookmaker. The player's task is to carefully study and choose the most suitable odds. It is advisable to learn about the playing experience, types of bets, and optimal betting amounts to avoid unnecessary losses.

After selecting the bets, analyzing the odds, and choosing the desired odds ratio, the final crucial step is to input the betting amount into the system. The bookmaker's system will calculate the potential winnings that you stand to receive upon winning.

Notably, in parlay bets in football, if you input the desired winning amount after the bet, the bookmaker's system will calculate the corresponding odds, as well as the required capital for the bet.

The easiest way to calculate parlays in football in 2024

For Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets

Among the various types of football bets, Asian Handicap (Châu Á) is the most diverse and offers the most choices. In terms of complexity, Asian Handicap betting is more challenging compared to Over/Under (Tài xỉu) and European Handicap betting. Over/Under betting in football is simpler, but the calculation formula is similar to Asian Handicap.

Specifically, as follows:

  • If you place an Asian Handicap bet and win, the amount received is calculated as follows: Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 x ... X Odds n.

  • For a ½ goal Asian Handicap, the formula is applied as follows: ((Odds - 1)/2) + 1.

  • In the case of a draw, the calculation is based on the formula: Odds x 1.

  • For a ½ goal Asian Handicap loss, the exact amount won or lost is determined by taking half of the odds for the entire parlay.

In a scenario where you participate in four different bets, the calculation for a 4-leg parlay is as follows: half x 1 (for the odds of winning in match 1) x (1 + (Odds for the ½ goal - 1)/2) x 1 (for the odds of a draw) x ½ (for the odds of losing by ½) x ... X Odds n.

For European Handicap bets

How is the formula for calculating European Handicap parlay bets? The nature of European Handicap bets is very straightforward. You don't have to worry about calculating the handicap odds like in Asian Handicap bets. You also don't need to predict the total number of goals in the match as in Over/Under bets. With European Handicap, you only need to choose whether the home team wins, loses, or draws against the opponent.

Due to the simplicity of the betting principle, the calculation formula for a European Handicap parlay is also straightforward: Odds of Bet 1 x Odds of Bet 2 x Odds of Bet 3 x ... X Odds of Bet n.

Parlay betting tips for beginners to experts that you should know!

Mastering the rules is a fundamental principle

In any game or betting scenario, understanding the concept of parlay and its rules is essential before participating. Having a solid grasp of the rules makes it easier to play, ensures compliance, and enables flexible adaptation to each specific betting situation.

Without understanding the betting rules and being unable to interpret the odds, you are likely to place incorrect bets. On the contrary, mastering the rules empowers players to confidently place bets and invest their money with assurance. With a relaxed mindset and confidence, you will be able to analyze and evaluate each match accurately. In this way, effective and successful betting becomes possible.

Continuously learn from the experiences of expert bettors

What is parlay betting? This type of bet is inherently challenging. Players must win all individual bets within the parlay to be considered successful in the overall parlay bet. Conversely, if a single bet is lost, the entire parlay is not deemed successful.

Therefore, engaging in parlay betting requires players to thoroughly understand and exercise caution. In particular, active learning from experienced individuals is essential. For example, participating in major betting forums and joining reputable betting communities can be beneficial. Here, you will gain valuable insights and necessary experiences for participating in parlay betting.

Avoid excessive greed in analyzing too many matches

The nature of parlay bets is very challenging, and only those with extensive experience can confidently analyze this type of bet. Some people make a significant mistake when engaging in parlay betting by being overly greedy and analyzing too many matches simultaneously. This can lead to a lack of focus, leaving insufficient time to accurately assess the strengths of each team and the overall situation on the field. Consequently, losing bets becomes difficult to avoid.

To increase the chances of winning in parlay betting, it's advisable to focus on only one match. If you are confident in the winning potential of a particular team, concentrate your efforts on that team. Being greedy and analyzing multiple matches simultaneously increases the risk significantly.

Choose a reasonable time to engage in parlays

This is also a crucial experience when participating in parlay betting. Many people might not understand what it means to "chạy xiên." It involves the player betting against their initial wagers.

It's important to grasp this method to apply it when you realize that one or two of your bets are likely to lose. If we do it right over time, when we win, the profit will be more significant than the initial investment. On the other hand, if we lose, the damage will be less.

However, it's essential to remember that it's not always possible to succeed with this strategy. If your account balance is not substantial, or the odds for the parlay are too low, running xiên may not be advisable. In these situations, it's better to refrain from using the corner betting strategy.

Thoroughly research the teams involved

What is parlay betting? To place successful parlay bets, you naturally need to have a deep understanding of the teams, matches, and tournaments involved. The information you should seek includes the team's overall strength, starting lineup, player injuries, current form, head-to-head records, applied tactics, head coach, whether the match is home or away, and the timing of the match.

Mastering these pieces of information and carefully analyzing matches will help you make informed choices when selecting bets and determining suitable investment amounts. In this way, the chances of winning in parlay betting will significantly increase.

Place a reasonable amount on the bet

Therefore, if you don't understand, it is challenging for players to make choices. That's why, when choosing parlay bets, participation is not allowed. Embracing multiple parlays simultaneously increases the risk of losing.

According to experts, the difficulty level is on par with the choices made by players. Therefore, before deciding to invest, don't forget to check the results of other players.

Note on how to calculate parlay odds

Some parlay betting tips may not be sufficient, and players need to understand the rules of calculating parlay odds for the best outcomes. Here are some common considerations regarding calculating parlay odds:

  • First and foremost, avoid placing too many parlay bets at once.

  • Stick to 2-4 legs when betting parlays.

  • Look for the most reputable bookmakers with the latest promotions to maximize the chances of receiving attractive bonuses.

  • If you feel that the winning dropping odds strategy are above 75%, consider depositing money and placing bets.

  • It's advisable to divide your capital into multiple parts if dealing with multiple parlays.

What is parlay betting? This form of play has never been easy. Similarly, with its level of difficulty, the potential winnings when successful are significant. That is why, despite its challenges, parlay betting has a great appeal to Vietnamese bettors. If you want to test your analytical and predictive skills, do not overlook the valuable experiences we have shared above.

Wishing you good luck and especially, well-informed decisions. Always stay tuned for our latest articles.

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