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[FREE@TV] Vikings vs Seahawks Live Free Online Coverage On 10 August 2023

The Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks will square off in Week 1 of the 2023 NFL preseason on Thursday, August 10. The crunch tourney is set to begin at 1000p.m. ET at Lumen Field in Seattle. Vikings vs Seahawks Live Stream Online Free From anywhere

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Rejoice Minnesota Vikings suckers, there's a live football game hereafter night Thursday, August 10th as they travel to Washington to take on the Seattle Seahawks. The game kicks off at 9 pm central time.

Going into them game, there are relatively a many effects to look at. As a staff then at Vikings Wire, we linked one player to watch for as well as one plot to keep an eye on.

On the rearmost occasion of The Real Forno Show, we will be breaking down the game from each position group. Preseason games are n’t each about wins and losses, but rather growth and showing enhancement. What should you be watching for Thursday night?

The Vikings vs Seahawks game will state live on the NFL Network. suckers can also stream the tourney on FuboTV and Hulu.

The Vikings settled their NFC North Division title last time, finishing the regular season with a 13- 4 record. still, KevinO'Connell's side were excluded in the first round of the playoffs by the New York titans.

Minnesota will formerly again look toward Kirk Cousins to get them into the postseason in 2023. The quarterback has arguably the stylish receiver in the league in the form of Justin Jefferson as his main attacking armament.

The Seahawks finished second in the NFC West last season with a 9- 8 record. still, Pete Carroll's platoon was knocked out of the postseason in the Wild Card Round by the San Francisco 49ers.

Geno Smith had his stylish season in the NFL last time. The quarterback showed signs of maturity while indicating that he can be the man to lead the Seahawks to success.

The Vikings did not show any interest in last time's preseason fests as relatives did not partake in each of their threegames.However, the Seahawks should crop victorious, If Minnesota approaches this time's NFL preseason with the same mindset.

Seahawks WRs equaled just2.5 yards after the catch in the last 4 weeks of the regular season — third- worst in NFL. The Vikings allowed just3.1 yards after catch per event to WRs in the last 4 weeks of the regular season — fifth-stylish in NFL.

The Seahawks threw for7.7 yards per attempt on Early Downs last season — fifth-stylish in NFL. The Vikings allowed8.1 yards per dropback on early campo last season — worst in NFL.

The Vikings equaled 381 yards from conflict per game( 6,479 YFS/ 17 G) last season — fifth-stylish in NFL. The Seahawks allowed an normal of379.1 yards from conflict per game( 6,445/ 17) last season — fifth- worst in NFL.

The Vikings threw the ball58.6 of the time in the red zone last season — fourth-loftiest in NFL. The Seahawks allowed a completion rate of61.3 when defending in the red zone last season — fifth- worst in NFL.

Vikings WRs were targeted 193 times in the last 8 weeks of the regular season —second-most in NFL. The Seahawks allowed an normal of just14.7 fantasy points per game to WRs in the last 8 weeks of the regular season — fourth-stylish in NFL.

Kirk Cousins isn't anticipated to play in Minnesota's first preseason game on Thursday at Seattle. But provisory Nick Mullens and novitiate Jaren Hall should see plenitude of reps against the Seahawks.

Mullens, acquired via trade last August after facing the Vikings in Minnesota's 2022 preseason nature at Las Vegas, didn't play in a Vikings preseason game last season. Hall was named in the fifth round this offseason and will make his NFL debut.

Mullens has done utmost of the work with the alternate- platoon offense, but Head Coach KevinO'Connell and Offensive fellow Wes Phillips are eager to see how Hall handles game situations, too. During Tuesday night's practice at TCO Stadium, Hall made a crucial scramble during a 2- nanosecond drill. Hall stepped up in the fund, avoided a rushing protective end, and picked up a first-down rush of about 12 yards.

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